Elite Shovel Pack | Dev



These Shovels we modelled over a period of 600 Hours hence the price, absolute bargain can buy just one Shovel for half the price, it took me an extra 100 hours to make them different colours. I poured my blood sweat and tears into these, and I love them soo much, I really didn’t want to sell them but I think its time to move on.

Models – Jim’s Cousin

Textures – Jim’s Granny

Render – Steve from down the block

Note: These are not game ready, didn’t get that far 🙂

Note: I expect you to know what your doing in Zmod before purchasing. Model comes as is and no edits from my side will be made after the purchase. You may not sell it Unlocked in any way, but you may sell it locked providing you have your own skin and setup on it. You may release it Locked.

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